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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Election: Abuse of Public Transportation


In the El Gaamaleya constituency at the primary El Ferdaws school abuse of public transportation was monitored. Membership at a club and transport of voters of the Nile Company (Water) were offered in return for favoring the NDP candidate.

Public tourist buses with loudspeakers were used for campaigning on the election day. A huge number of announcements with speakers that called voters to vote in favor of the NDP’s candidates were monitored. Workers in the Helwan constituency were directed to ballots by tourism buses or public trucks.

These workers were voting in groups without taking into consideration voting confidentiality or voter’s identification, establishing if this was the voters election constituency or not.

In addition, meals, t-shirts and capes were distributed to youths on the election day; all items with a picture of the NDP candidate and text urging voters to favor the NDP candidate. NDP organizations credited female heads of households who distributed meals to electors. NDP affiliated NGO’s who issued election ID’s for women collected the same ID’s and refused returning it to the women and gave it to other women to vote with instead.

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