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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

The Good Fun with Blogging

... is that you are never sure where it is taking you. Yesterday was all about the elections; today was supposed to be about the elections. Instead it turned out to be about technological disasters. There are some issues to be solved: I've added 'virtual' members to the blog so I'll always have a back-up login. Problem is that 'team members' in blogger is displayed automatically - and instead of my portrait! THAT is my first priority - getting my picture back up there!

The Election? Oh... well, some 7 percent of the population showed up; the government will claim it was 85 percent. Tomorrow, eventually after tomorrow, the incumbent's party will announce the incumbent won the election. Heads of States will call in and congratulate, playing along, hoping to get tax reduction on the next industrial plant they set up in Egypt because it is legal to exploit workers here. Kifaya will continue to protest occasionally. However, their family members will be sacked and harassed, possibly tortured. A few will be arrested. Amnesty will react but no one will care; shouting about Guantanamo is so much more important because that is after all violations by a real country; that 22 people are killed by police torture will not make big headlines next year either. The incumbent himself will withdraw gradually. His (handsome) son will be phased in by continuing the Big Lie All Bought - that is, the Mubarak dynasty is necessary for stability and security. The US and France etc. will not care because they know the Islamist Brotherhood would take over if the Mubarak's left in a haste. They don't really want the head of military intelligence to take over either; especially not after his promises to liberate the West Bank last week. As long as there is no war with Israel, Egypt is no ones concern.

Let's speak more tomorrow. Ta ta / ritzy
PS: Tom Davis will loose the elections, I'll see to that.

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