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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

My Blogging Problem Story

So I couldn't post new entries this morning and tried to log out/log back in to solve it. Couldn't log in. Password not recognized. Eh? Why do I have Roboform, Opera magic wand and Firefox password manager? Comes next problem: I don't receive Blogger's password recovery mail. They don't have real persons answering mail. Not even if you write two mails every hour for twelve hours. But guess why I didn't receive it? I altered my e-mail in my public *profile* some days ago; replaced @ with AT - you know why. And...? Well, don't do this at home, kids. Turns out that profile change affect the *account* profile too. Well, they are the same. I should have known. Or? Tell you what; I think I was too smart for Blogger. They should learn from Yahoo! – they’ve learned a lot over the years.

So if I haven’t recovered my password, how did I get to this point? Well, Blogger’s auto-reply-suggestions didn’t work. They never do. They don’t have real people providing real answers. Anyway, I figured since my account worked yesterday; since I didn’t do any changes to my account settings; since some information is stored on cookies and who knows what else… enter Norton Go Back - God Bless. It worked. My password doesn’t work either; I’ve tried to change it. But my PC has told Blogger server I’m still logged in. Cool. Doesn’t answer why I couldn’t blog this morning but at least I know never to attempt to solve a problem by logging out again.

Next step: recover password. If you don’t hear from me again, you know why. Ta ta. /ritzy

PS: since I couldn’t figure out how to solve this and knew Blogger wouldn’t reply this week, I moved to the pool and that’s where I’ve been meditating this all day.

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