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Friday, September 09, 2005

In the Arab Neighborhood

Rumors that Arafat was taken down by AIDS related illness has been circulating since he entered into never-ever land in November last year. Now, the NYT and Haaretz have examined medical journals. Whatever. It has also been said for ages that he was fond of masculine boys. Good for him. Now, let his poor soul rest in peace.

In my own neighborhood, the Friday sermon is right now delivered from loudspeakers. And no, I wouldn’t bother joining the sexist bearded hood that would have me pray in a separate corner. Can’t even remember I admitted that Mohamed was a prophet. Does it matter when there is only one God? That was blasphemy. Never mind; I just wish they wouldn’t use loudspeaker amplifiers. Holy Noise Pollution!

Let’s hope they pray for me too. God knows what scandal I have caused this week but they certainly sound angry! That was a joke. It’s their political frustration that is sounding through -as always.

A neighbor to the east: Saddam hasn’t admitted to mass killings but it has surfaced he pocketed $10,2 Billion. In the UN, an independent investigation puts the blame on Kofi Annan, his deputy and the Security Council, who allowed Saddam to steal this astronomical sum from the oil for food program. Another reason why the Bush-Bolton team should remain in power.

Can’t remember how much Arafat pocketed but it was more than Ibrahim Nafie and less than Saddam.

What a lovely neighborhood I am in!

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