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Thursday, September 01, 2005

Next President is Better Looking

With such eyes, how could I not support Gamal Mubarak? Why oh my would my principles stop me from supporting such a beauty on the throne? Does anyone really think I would care about asking for future reforms, less secrecy and more participation? I admit it, I would advocate totalitarianism for ever if I only got the chance to look him in the eyes and say "marry me, bed me, let me mother your children."

Why not? As the prime minister Dr. Ahmed Nazif (another handsome man with morals) quickly pointed out in a TV interview with a US broadcaster; it is not unheard of that a presidents son becomes president.

I will tell you what I think: given the sad state of the opposition candidates, very few would object if Gamal was crowned president tomorrow.

Gamil, ya Gamal.

Anyway, it is a very good article, go read it. (Photo: AP)

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