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Friday, September 16, 2005

Prostitutes for the Disabled

Taxpayers unite! Either condemn the immoral scandinavians or claim the perk shouldn't be limited to disabled people only. The Danish governments reason for paying prostitutes to visit the disabled is equality. But how come the official 'Sex, irrespective of disability' campaign is only paying for one visit per month? That would have been equality in Britain, but in Denmark? I'm learning something new every day. Here is the debate:

Social-Democrat spokesperson Kristen Brosboel said: "We spend a large proportion of our taxes rescuing women from prostitution. But at the same time we officially encourage carers to help contact with prostitutes."

Stig Langvad of the country's Disabled Association said: "The disabled must have the same possibilities as other people. Politicians can debate whether prostitution should be allowed in general, instead of preventing only the disabled from having access to it."

Eh... how about setting up a social network or an Internet Chat instead?

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