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Friday, September 23, 2005

Sharon to Follow Barak?

Judith's take on the report about Sharon's eventual resignation I blogged yesterday deserves to be posted here as well:

When I turned on my computer, I found an email from Ritzy asking me to comment on Debka's claim that Sharon is about to retire to his ranch. I was surprised as he is the son of two famously stubborn parents.

He is facing a leadership challenge in the Likud which he just may lose. Popular figures (including Sharon, Yadin and Ben Gurion) who tried to create new parties ended up heading a temporary and small party rather than changing the Israeli political landscape. Of course, Sharon hopes that his threat to leave the party will help him win the internal battle.

His problem is that like Barak, Sharon suffers from credibility gap. He betrayed own campaign pledges by adopting his opponent's platform. The voters rejected Mitzna's idea of a unilateral withdrawal from Gaza and Sharon who argued against it, executed it. His opponents will have little difficulty reminding voters that his platform cannot be taken seriously. The corruption charges which haunt his son and the recent financial campaign fund irregularities which haunt him merely increase his vulnerability.

Following Ben Gurion's example and retiring to his ranch would be a gallant way to go. Even those who opposed the disengagement could not but admire the way he executed it. Maybe Peres will also see the light. It is time for a new generation to take charge. The old warhorses are far too worn out. No one is irreplaceable though those in power often come to believe they are.


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