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Thursday, September 22, 2005

Turkish Beach Dress Code

Istanbul -- male holiday makers on the sea of Marmara beach are told to dress up, females on the same beach are told to dress down. Quote:
"We are Ataturk's women!" shouted Mine Okcugil, 38, clasping the hand of the woman in the chaise longue next to her at Caddebostan. Her own bikini was in danger of falling off her front.

"We are all modern women of the republic," said Semra Aydemir, 52, also in a tiny two-piece.

"We are against terrorism. We are against violence. We are against ugliness."

So it is that men and women roaming the beach in T-shirts reading "Security" keep an eye peeled not only for men wearing too little but for women wearing too much. Female beach-goers no longer are allowed to wade with their legs covered by flowing fabric.

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