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Monday, September 05, 2005

Tech-Note, Archiving

I switched from monthly archives to weekly recently b/c my August page wouldn't open. I thought it could be because the file is too heavy but then again it's not, really. Ideas? I'm looking at my entries right now to see if there are any URL conflicts; I've realized if I blog two entries with the headline "Tech-Note" in August, they will have the same URL. Bad, eh? It's a starter, I'm changing some headlines now; it means any links back to those entries will fail but that is better than having the ugly weekly archive list displayed in the sidebar. Note to blogger: Bi-weekly would be great; Weekly should display name of the month, or at least say "Week" before the commencing date - would look prettier that way!

And yes, my blogrolling blog roll is down again. No news on their site but my links have disappeared, like yesterday, so I assume the problem is entirely on their side.

Lady Geeka Ritzy loooves telling you all about this kind of stuff although you wouldn't care!
xx / ritzy

Edit: ok, changed back to monthly and the August page is opening easily so it was perhaps the conflicting URL thing that was the problem. Pls. let me know if you notice anything else.

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