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Friday, September 09, 2005

Updated Election Irregularities Report

The list of irregularities in the presidential elections is being updated throughout the day as fast as I can and as new reports are coming in. We are still waiting for the NGO's reports but the list is still growing faster than anyone would have liked. Scroll down or use this link and please do contribute to the report by sending URL's.

Edit: I just read the whole list one more time and I have tears in my eyes. How awful with so much cheating in so many places. All these people who are either taking the elections too seriously and don't think about the consequences of their illegal and immoral acts. I wonder if they even know why it is so bad. All the poor people who are encouraged to vote for someone who has destroyed their life chances, now they don’t even get the opportunity to cast their vote. How can they say no to LE 50 when it means they will have food for an additional ten days? Just as bad, everybody who is pretending this has been a real election and happily is quoting the election commissions 'results' from a centralized tabulating office with no transparency.

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