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Friday, October 21, 2005

Diet - Atkins or the Sunnah?

Right, you don't need to submit your weight concern to popular methods from America, such as the Atkins diet. Instead, head to the world of Islam and modify your eating behaviour with the help of... pom pom pom ... drumwhirls! ... The Prophet Mohamed! (may Allah's peace and blessings be upon him). Try, it must work. Here is my review of the holy diet:

- Eating can be looked upon as not only something pleasurable, but also as an act of worship. [YES]

- Like other acts of worship, this form of worship shouldn’t take up too much time. ...so dedicating approximately 30 minutes to each meal would be better than wolfing it down. [YES]

- Knowing what you eat and its source, mentioning Allah’s name prior to eating, being grateful for provisions, and being content with them are duties. [FAIR]

- Sitting on the left foot, eating with three fingers, eating from the food closer to you, and licking the fingers (used while eating) are Sunnah. [NOT Applicable to this Lady]

- Restricting the size of each mouthful of food, chewing very well, refraining from looking people in the face, and washing the hands (afterwards) are manners. [PLEASE REPEAT - Most people in this country constantly fails to remember these rules that the Prophet (peace upon him) told Ali ibn Abi Talib].

Read more. I'll stick to Atkins for just a little while.

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