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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

The Flu Birds are Coming

Yes, the coughing birds are expected to visit Egypt. According to the ministry of agriculture, 27 observation posts have already been set up along the borders. At the same time, they are ruling out the possibility of contamination of domestic birds by wild birds. "The country's privately or publicly-owned chicken, turkey and most importantly quail farms are all indoors."
The official should also have mentioned that the large majority of this country’s population keep their own birds. A quick glance over Cairo’s roof-tops will tell you there’s roughly a bird-cage on every second house. In less affluent cities, every household keep their own birds. Or just about. And it’s not like we’re relying on frozen chicken breasts form the supermarket to a great extent. Or why else would there be caged poultry on just about every street and in every food souk?
Fortunately, Egypt’s neighbouring countries, Libya, Israel, Gaza and Sudan have not reported any case of bird flu so far. The country closest to Egypt in which birds were infected with the H5N1 killer form is Turkey. Link

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