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Monday, October 17, 2005

Al-Azhar Boycotts US

Our Grand Imam Sheikh Tantawi who is known to the rest of the world for blessing suicide bombers has decided that the Sunni high-seat in Cairo, Al-Azhar, shall break all its relations with the U.S.

Why? The US Embassy in Cairo refused to give a co-Sheikh, the head of Al-Azhar’s Fatwa Committee, an entry visa, giving no reasons. Sheik-T had set up a lecture round in the U.S. for Sheikh-Fatwa; apparently the embassy officials, who procrastinated the visa application for weeks, decided his application falls in one or the other categories named ‘suspect terrorist endorser, avoid.’ Something like that. Can we blame them?

However, American diplomats are expected to apologize for the denial and eventually give Sheikh-Fatwa, whose name is Al-Atrash, the visa. But Sheik-T has already “decided not to send Al-Azhar scholars to the US in the future even if Washington granted them entry." Link

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