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Monday, October 17, 2005

From Queen to Pharaoh

Some 300 objects from the period of one of this country’s strongest female personalities are christening the re-opening of San Francisco’s De Young museum. How I wish I would be there. Or that the exhibition would come to Egypt – we have plenty of antiquities here but when the art-world is pulling something like this together, it ought to be shared with the country of origin. Fair enough? We lend you some of the show’s signal objects; you show us what you’re doing with them and the other treasures that are scattered around the world?

Queen Pharaoh Hatchepsut ruled Egypt during almost 20 flourishing years. Her reign is marked by art, not war. She wore the attributes of a Pharaoh God; the nemes headscarf and royal beard – a clever move to keep control in a patriarchal society and court.

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