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Sunday, October 02, 2005

New Bi-Lingual Blog Service

Regional portal Al Bawaba is launching a billingual blog service: http://blogs.albawaba.com. Check what Roba (And Far Away...) has to say. They like to be on the edge in Jordan. Remember pioneering Arabia.com? It got dwarfed when MSN hooked up with Link.Net to launch MSN Arabia - and today when I tried to check it I'm redirected to another place; looks like they have thrown in the towel. Too bad since MSN is so streamlined it doesn't, in my eyes, provide any value at all. In the blogsphere, the Jordanians have the impressive Jordan Planet aggregator. I really like the interface and hope someone will set up something just as pretty here in Egypt, to complement Manal and Alaa's excellent bit bucket -- that to my great delight have gone pink, by the way! As we're suffering from information overload we need technology to help us sort and filter. New aggregators and simplified tweaks to RSS readers will do that - and we should be thankful to those who understand the technology and set it up for us.

Update: Check what Alaa is saying in the comment forum -- a lot of work is done for the Egpyptian blogger community. If you know how to - see if you can help!

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