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Saturday, October 08, 2005

Norwegian Dhimmitude Watch

Just a week after the piggy-debate in Britain, the Norwegians are showing that they are going down the same road. A teacher was told to take off the Star of David he was wearing around his neck. ”The Jewish symbol could be deemed a provocation towards the many Muslim students at the school.”

Since when should a Muslim object to any believer’s right to display symbols of his or her faith?

The teacher says it is a violation of his freedom of expression (it is) and that he is usually wearing the small (16 mm) star under his t-shirt anyway. He is not Jewish but explains that to him, the symbol is the oldest religious symbol. The school’s principal said the Star of David can also be interpreted as a political symbol for the state of Israel:
The Star of David would be a symbol for one side in what is perhaps the world’s most inflamed conflict at the moment. Many have a traumatic past that they have escaped and then we feel that if they are going to learn Norwegian then they can’t sit and at the same time be reminded of the things they have traveled from.
Sure, that is considerate of him but the teacher should still be allowed to wear his necklace, or for that sake, proclaim that he is Jewish if he would be inclined to do so. Why? Because it is one of the fundaments of secular democracies; you neither judge or discriminate people on grounds of religion; freedom of faith and expression goes hand in hand. For my part, I don’t sympathize with the argument that a Muslim woman’s hijab could be deemed offensive in European cities either.

‘Displays’ of religious faith can only bee deemed offensive by those who are not tolerant of other peoples beliefs, culture and opinions. See my previous post on V.S. Naipaul – and the discussion – here.

For the Norwegians, this incident would perhaps have been less controversial if the teacher was not employed at an education center for immigrants in a city with Christ’s name: Kristiansand. h/t: lgf

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