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Sunday, October 22, 2006

Sex and the Muslim City

Oh! Apparently there is sex in this part of the world. Too bad no one told me :-) The in-depth research and fine reporting is brought to us by Spiegel Online. The magazine is running a lengthy feature titled Love, Lust and Passion: Sex and Taboo in the Islamic World. My cheeks are still burning, I am unable to comment or provide further insight on the topic, but here are a few lines that caught my veiled eyes:

According to Google Trends, the Pakistanis search for "sex" most often, followed by the Egyptians. Iran and Morocco are in fourth and fifth, Indonesia is in seventh and Saudi Arabia in eighth place. The top city for "sex" searches is Cairo.

When the terms "boy sex" or "man boy sex" are entered (many Internet filters catch the word "gay"), Pakistan, Iran, Saudi Arabia and Egypt are the first four countries listed.

"They were already convinced that my girlfriend was a whore," says Gundi. The couple ended up behind bars, even after telling the police that they planned to get married in a few months. Only after the woman notified her father the next day were the two released from jail. For Gundi, one thing is certain: "If the officer who stopped us hadn't been so sexually frustrated, he would have let us go."

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