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Friday, November 03, 2006

Mobbing the Other Sex

Groups of young men chasing women down the streets of down town Cairo to celebrate the end of Ramadan and the feast - how untraditional is not that. It has been reported by bloggers and mainstream media picked up the story faster than usual. Says the BBC:
According to the bloggers, the attackers targeted veiled as well as unveiled women who happened to be on their own.
Seconds later young boys were shouting that there was another one by the Miami cinema. We went there and saw another girl surrounded by a crowd trying to assault her. She managed to run inside a nearby building.

The question is: why are we surprised? Of course, we never imagined such mass-attacks would take place. But we should have. The lid has been held down with force too long. We have opened it up and it is about time we realize the transition is not going to be easy. Liberty will be interpreted "do what I like" until a leader is emerging who is capable to explain that freedom is right and any right is always corresponded by an obligation: the obligation that comes with freedom is responsibility.

Welcome to reality, everyone.

Link to BBC article.

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