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Friday, November 03, 2006

The Right Path - Cosmetic Wise

Upsi, be careful next time you ask some friends to bring in some favourite skin care products next time - it may turn God´s wrath upon you. According to a new Fatwa by our own Mufti, Dr. Ali Gomaa, creams that lighten the skin is a sin forbidden in Islam. The article doesn´t say if men who use the same cream are sinners as well. Then again, a man who is using face-cream at large must be a sinner per definition, or?

Funny, by the way, did you ever notice in the museum that women always have light skin and men dark in the ancient pictures? I wonder why, since dark is beautiful. I agree with the Mufti - bleaching your skin is a sin. My position is not religious though, I just don´t see the point in changing from beautiful colour to pale.

Here is another funny one: "Gomaa approved of liposuction and stomach stapling for overweight women if there was a medical necessity." Of course it is a necessity my dear Doctor, you are not accusing me of vanity, are you?

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