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Sunday, March 18, 2007

Demonstrators Arrested, Opposition Ready to Resign

Abu Aardvark is reporting that the opposition is prepared to resign en masse to protest the ruling party's constitutional reforms.

The Arabist is reporting from a police clampdown on demonstrators. More than 30 were arrested, bloggers included.

Global Voices has a lenghty report as well, quoting blogger/activist Alaa Abdulfattah and many others.

Says Aardvark:

I've been writing often about the costs of America's abandonment of even the pretence of caring about Arab democracy. These are summed up very well by Amr Hamzawy and Dina Bishara (of Carnegie) today:

The Mubarak regime is taking advantage of an opportune international moment. With Washington's attention diverted from the democracy agenda, the regime can resort to outright repression of the opposition without risking its close ties with the West.... By resorting to outright repression of the Brotherhood, Mubarak is making a mockery of the American push for democracy in the Middle East. Turning a blind eye toward the ongoing crackdown undermines the credibility of an already shaky American commitment to democratization in the Middle East. It also cements the perception among Egyptians that Washington blesses autocratic regimes.

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