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Friday, July 29, 2005

My God is Not Your God

Food for thought from the intellectual department: Do We All Worship the Same God? It depends on where you are standing when you are asking the question. With the help of sociology and philosophy, Lee Harriss' analysis takes off with the rational thinking of non-believers and ends with an example that … well, you’ll see yourself. Here is the end of his challenging exposé.
The Aztecs worshipped cruel and ruthless gods who demanded mounds of freshly ripped out human hearts; the Zoroastrians worshipped a god of light who spent day and night watching over men, struggling against evil and working always for the good. Both forms of worship were based, from our point of view, on pure illusion -- and yet what a profound difference it makes to a society which illusion it chooses to go with.

Few things matter more than how men chose to deceive themselves.

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