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Thursday, August 18, 2005

Sex & The City -- Tehran & Islam

Wow, is this true?
In modern Islamist Tehran there is a thriving sex trade — an estimated 84,000 women are in prostitution and thousands of girls are sold as sex slaves across the Arab world.
It's from the same article I just quoted. So why do we assume these guys are suffering from pent-up sexual desire? If sexual frustration makes terrorists, would twice the number working women solve the problem? With the cooperation of USAID we could rid America, England and Hurghada from their immoral problem; like a-year-abroad program for fallen girls. In exchange, we can get some peace-minded Mullahs and if the theory is right we'll just have to make sure they have plenty of wives and smut around the house - gone are the days of radical mosques and I guess the republican far-right will be the first to convert.

I think this was sarcasm, yes.

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