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Thursday, September 01, 2005

Blogger for President, Now!

If this article is influenced by the criticism by me and a couple of other bloggers or if it is just a reporter who has done good homework, I don’t know, but the report is certainly not hyping the political influence of bloggers in Egypt as previous articles did. Most interestingly: Karim at One Arab World says his blogg will turn into a political party. Blogger for President! Vote Blogger, Now!

Karim is said to be in Egypt now, to deliver the $ 3,500 collected for the families of the victims of the Sharm El-Sheikh attack. See Sharmrelief.com.

Noteworthy is also Sandmonkey’s Top 2 reasons for anonymity: "1) Because it's not safe to say the things I say on my blog, and if my identity is known I may get arrested; 2) I don't want my views to be used against my family members by their political enemies, especially since those family members are Mubarak supporters."

Alaa and his wife Manal is featured with a picture. Alaa tells how he struggled with police during a demonstration and, was almost trapped by security at a following occasion.

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