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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Election: More Irregularities

The reports are somewhat unstructured and often unclear; this is a quick edit to make it easier to read; a structured summary will follow later in the day. The long Election Irregularity Report that has been updated since Sept. 8 can be found here - a must read.


Meals, t-shirts and capes were distributed to youths on the election day; all items with a picture of the NDP candidate and text urging voters to favor the NDP candidate. NDP organizations credited female heads of households who distributed meals to electors.


NDP affiliated NGO’s who issued election ID’s for women collected the same ID’s and refused returning it to the women and gave it to other women to vote with instead.

Voting Cards with the NDP candidates picture were distributed to voters. Statements in favor of the NDP candidate were written on these voting cards. Youths were wearing campaign t-shirts with the picture of the NDP candidate inside polling stations, calling for voting in favor of the NDP candidate. (El Maadi school – El Khobier school – El Askereya Maadi High school for boys- El Qanal school – El gomhoreya school).


Curtains to guarantee confidentiality of voting or existing curtains that failed to safeguard confidentiality were monitored. NDP members in some committees’ asked voters to vote in favor of their candidate (El Maadi). Presence of persons not allowed or unknown persons and NDP officials were monitored in Palestine – El NAhda – Mahmoud Khater – El Zahraa committees and in the Ein Shams constituencies.

Absence of the phosphoric ink while the usual blue ink was used in most committees.

The possibility of removing the phosphoric ink in many committees.

Some NDP deputies distributed pink voting cards that were not stamped to voters, in order to vote in favor of the NDP’s candidate.

Establishment of committees that were not the same as announced at the lists distributed to the candidates. At the Hadayek El Qoppa venue, the committee that had been established in the El Nile Company was not mentioned in the official list.

Forcing drivers of private microbuses to vote for the NDP candidate by threatening them of withdrawal of their driving licenses. - El MA’asara and Helwan police stations.

A number of tourism buses filled with voters who were wearing a unified uniform and had no voting cards were monitored arriving at El Gomhoreya shool and El Maadi school ballot stations. It was suspected that they were not voters but central security soldiers.

A number of ballot boxes were not under control by the judges, confusion as there were a lot of buses with voters - Girls Misr El Gededa School.

Ballot stations were unknown to the public. There were no instructions how to organize voters; no announcement in sufficient time before the voting that resulted in changes of the list of voters. Voting lists included names of dead persons. Many voters voted by names of those dead persons by using cards similar to the pink cards had all information about those dead persons but without any stamps; these cards were distributed by NDP officials.

Many had to leave without voting because the lists were not updated; unclear lists caused crowds to wait outside polling stations. The lists used were not displayed; copies were held on to by NDP officials.

Voting started late: after 9 AM at some places leaving people to wait or leave. Voters present since the official opening time at 8 AM left when poll station presidents put covers on the doors and asked security not to allow any voters in immediately.

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