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Saturday, September 03, 2005

Sharm Bombers were Beduoin Islamists

The three suicide bombers who carried out the deadly July attacks at the Egyptian resort of Sharm el-Sheikh were Bedouin members of an Islamist cell. They have been identified through DNA tests and the “confessions of 29 suspects” who have been arrested as part of the inquiry into the attacks.

It is the first information in several days about the hunt for terrorists in the Sinai mountains that is coming from security officials. Some 5,000 security troops sweeping north Sinai have arrested several hundred local people.

"Security forces have established that the terror cell has no links with organizations abroad," a security source told AFP.

That has been the official line by security forces since the day after the attack. It went unchallenged until Prime Minister Ahmed Nazif discussed the possibility of foreign involvement with international media last week. According to reports, security officials were anything but pleased with a PM that challenged their wisdom.

AFP’s security source added that the “ringleader” has been arrested but did not disclose his name. But already two weeks ago, security officials claimed they had caught the mastermind in a local terrorist cell near the city of El-Arish.

If the three suicide bombers indeed have been identified through DNA, which is possible since families of suspects from the attack last year were tested early into the investigation, why do security need to qualify this information with “confessions” from 29 suspects in detention? – Scroll down this page to find a Human Right Watch report explaining the role of torture in such cases.

Will security explain how they know that this terrorist cell had no connections to foreign organizations? Who paid for the 1,000 kg of explosives they say they found? The owner of the farm where the first alleged mastermind was arrested is Palestinian – is that a thread we ought to learn more about? Why was only two suicide bombers named today when they claim to have identified three? Who is the un-named ringleader they have captured?

Four days from the election, they have provided nice headlines but in its essence, this information is no-sense information.

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