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Friday, September 16, 2005

Palestinians Force the Border

Thousands of Palestinians poured into Egypt from Gaza on Frida, defying government attempts to control the border. Says AP:
The surge started when Palestinians waiting to cross pelted their own security forces with stones at the Saladin gate, the main informal crossing on the border, in this border town. When the Palestinian security officials gave way, the crowd pushed through the iron gateway and tackled the Egyptian police. Policemen tried to beat the crowd back with sticks, but they were overwhelmed. AP estimated them at about five thousand.
It is clear now that Egypt is not willing to use its border guards - who are soldiers - for crowd control against Palestinians. It is a very humane attitude that has taken precedence over security concerns. So let it be. The choice has already been made - either in a very sneaky way since the Egyptian government had signed an agreement with Israel to control the border, or the Egyptian military was taken on the bed as well. Either way, the Palestinians have the right to visit Egypt and by forcing the borders, they are showing they will not tolerate another fence. It is their first window to the world and we should cheer the liberation of a people.

That said, the flow of weapons over the border has increased this week to the point where guns are now sold in Gaza for a tenth of the ordinary black market price. Egypt’s government says they are intent on exercising minimal control over the border. That minimal control should include controlling ID papers, issuing visas and registering where people intend to stay during their holiday. Just as they do with any other visiting tourists. Increasing security by closing tunnels used for smuggling; patching unmonitored holes and searching vehicles should be the normal routine. If Egypt doesn't bother - and I guess it will not - it is further proof that our military actually are supporting a re-armed, re-strengthened militia in Gaza. God Bless.

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