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Friday, September 09, 2005

PayPal Spam Scam Warning

An e-mail 'from PayPal' seemed most urgent and genuine. It said several attempts to access my account had been made from different computers, using various passwords. Hence, my account was temporarily suspended, at least until I went to the linked site and confirmed my data... Hmm... The good Yahoo mail had put the e-mail in my Bulk folder so I thought there might be something phishy about this. Correct. It was a bogus site. The genuine PayPal site is always hosted on https://www... - the bogus site was on http:// only. Suckers! The sites look identical though. Bastards! Note however that scams have used very similar URL's earlier. This site is useful; it is also telling me that my new mail-pals from Nigeria and Benin who promises to give me fifty percent of eight million cashnotes are not genuine... too bad, one lovely lady even send me a copy of her passport! - More about that later.

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