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Thursday, September 15, 2005

Who is to blame?

The government and the president are responsible for running a kleptocracy that has left our roads and high ways in a miserable state. People die on the roads every day. But people also drive like maniacs on the poor roads. They do not pay attention to other drivers. They do not care if people try to cross the road. In other words, they are responsible for actions that kill in traffic.

In a macro perspective, it is the ruling class that has incapacitated the people. This is a developing nation that does not know better. In a micro perspective, everybody is well aware of what is right and wrong, good and bad. Every day people make the small decisions that could matter. A capitalist garage owner gives the keys to a poorly maintained micro-bus to a hot-headed teenager who barely knows how to drive. He is stuffing more people than allowed into his bus and drive like he is running from hell. Then they die. One time, the driver managed to jump out, but he didn’t find time to warn his passengers of the imminent disaster. In another example, a theatre group says they are working in a system where they will never get any help from the government. But instead of protesting, they choose to carry on with their activities. They put on a play in a building that is not certified to be a public venue. They put paper décor around the walls. They lit a candle. When disaster hits, they do not manage the emergency exits. They die.

Egypt deserves a better government but Egypt also deserves the government we have because we are a nation of paralyzed suckers who pretend we are pious when we don’t stop to take advantage of other people and shun away from our own responsibilities.

Do you have anything more to say? Make the right choice next time you have the option. Stand up for the good. If you hate your government, there is a demonstration when the president is taking his oath. Then there is another one. And another one.

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