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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Face-Carving - Universal Human Right?

I just spend an unreasonable time reading this: Most British women now expect to have cosmetic surgery in their lifetime. How did the ultimate feminist taboo become just another lifestyle choice? To my credit, I didn't even know what Botox is. Google does. And I had never heard about the guy who had - and I cannot imagine why he would have - his anus bleached. I googled that too and got some freaky answers and odd sites: Poopreport - My boyfriend complains about discoloration around my... ; ShopInPrivate - Anal Bleaching Creme if you want to keep your bum-hole looking younger...; Gawker says Lara Flynn Boyle is "the official Internet patron saint of anus-bleaching. She has entered the Anus-Bleaching Hall of Fame, one might say." I ask myself, How weird is the Internet?

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