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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Rafah: The Head Side of the Coin

Security concerns is not the only side of the newly 'opened' border between Gaza and Egypt, it also means a new beginning for many people. I'm thinking of the many Palestinians who have resided in Egypt for year after year, denied the possibility to return to Gaza (not by the Egyptians though). I remember in particular one woman in my own age that I met some years ago, who had been staying at a cheap down-town hotel with her two young daughters for more than a year then. I would like to try to find her tomorrow. Also, the story I linked to earlier today is worth the read: Palestinians shop till they drop in Egyptian border town. And right now, I'm reading about a nine year old who touched the sea for the first time in his life this week, although he lived only a short walk from it. I really wish God would end all wars.

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