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Sunday, October 09, 2005

Alternative Notes

Jeremy Clarkson always makes me laugh and here is how he got seduced by 'the bearded airways' - not bad considering the love of British Airways he was coming from:
Unfortunately, it’s hard to find fault with something you love. And, strangely, one of the things I’ve loved most of all over the years is club class on British Airways. I love the way that when you’ve finished working in some godforsaken Third World fleapit you’re welcomed on board by a homosexual in grey flannel trousers and you think: “Aaaah. We haven’t even taken off but I’m home already.”

I love their scones and clotted cream. I love the way they have back-up planes for when yours goes wrong. And I love the calmness of their pilots, all of whom have abbreviated Christian names and reassuring three-syllable surnames. “Welcome on board, ladies and gentlemen. Mike Richardson here on the flight deck . . .”

TE Lawrence: Action man -- since I always loved the classic movie about him (Peter O'Toole!) and I so many times so much enjoyed reading his book Seven Pillars of Wisdom. The prose is as brilliant as the story. It was the Shaw's who taught him how to use the semicolon; (my favorite punctuation mark!) and this FT story is asking whatever happened to it -- most of the piece is unfortunately now for subscribers only, search the blogsphere if you want to read more. Anyway, the link at the beginning of this paragraph is to an article about Lawrence; it is now seventy years since he died (I might have to watch the movie again tonight) and there is an exhibition about him in London. And no, I myself will not debate over his genuine ambitions for the Arab world vs. sell-out, I prefer to keep the ambience of the movie.

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