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Sunday, October 09, 2005

Apologizes to Firefox Users Called For

Ups... just discovered that my site is not a site anymore in the Firefox browser. That's something I didn't note when I finished installing the code for Backlink today. It works fine in Internet Explorer (6) and Opera (8), at least on my side. But there is obviously something wrong and I apologize to Firefox users. Even more because I am not going to sort it out tonight - simply because this time I ought to learn some html and css before I start. {smile} I know Mozilla users don't willingly start IE (but I can't see why) but please do it for me, until I get this right! There's another issue with Firefox I ought to mention again: many blogs, including my own, doesn't re-load without clearing the cache. Sure, due to bad site coding, but Opera and IE overcomes that... Sorry.

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