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Friday, October 14, 2005

Back from my Blogger Bug

Thanks to Jeff for pointing out in the comment forum to the most recent post that my site wasn't PINK any longer. Puh! I have been working in preview mode during the past hours because I'm trying to re-design the site. And although I occasionally look if there has been any movement on the site, like new comments, my view of the site is that of the new template. I would assume that your view is that of the old pink template - the current one we're watching now, in other words. I've came to trust Blogger that much that I didn't reload the site from the server just to check that everything is fine. Bad move!

If you're interested in knowing my side of what happened, read on, and avoid similar problems with your own blog. So, to get the code for a new Blogger template, you have to go to the settings / template page - as you know if you're on Blogger. When you pick the template, it is saved. To my knowledge, there is no other way to get the code. But, and here is the catch: after the new template has been saved, a message says you have to upload the site, or the index file, to see the changes. I swear, I did not. I can't be that tired or dumb. I'm usually not. But I did go into another settings area to see if I needed to turn a function off. I did not. If I had, I would have got another message telling me to upload the site or the index. End of story. I think a bug interpreted my move to leave the template area to another setting area as an upload. If not, I have to accept I'm clumsy and be more careful in the future.

Anyway, apologizes to Jeff and anybody else who missed the pink. There's a lot more pink coming soon. Promise!

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