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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Egypt’s Mujahideen and Pig Priests

Any “pig priest who controls a church and makes a speech” has to “present himself as a sacrificial lamb within 72 hours”.

That is from an “urgent message” issued October 16, by the so called Mujahideen in Egypt following a Muslim siege of a church in Alexandria where it is alleged a controversial play was performed last week. The Mujahideen claim the play “desecrated and insulted” the prophet Mohammad.

The statement says the group approached the church where the play was acted and sought to destroy it; however, they were astonished to find the “government dogs of the police, intelligence, and national security” surrounding the church.

“Let the world know that as long as they find somebody who opposes Allah’s religion in Egypt, the Mujahideen of Egypt are there waiting for them.”

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