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Sunday, October 16, 2005

Alexandria on Sectarian Fire

Only one major media outlet has so far reported on the 3,000 angry Muslim men vs. 200 police officers who were trying to protect a Coptic Christian congregation in Alexandria, but here is some news from the blogsphere:

The offensive play is two years old and is actually banned by the Coptic Church. Protesters who surrounded the Church of St. Gegris were distributing DVD’s with the play about a young Christian man who converts and reverts. Big Pharaoh says the social fabric has been torn apart and he doesn’t expect it to be mended in his lifetime – Egypt didn’t use to be this way. He is also putting the blame on the pastor who put on the play in his church. Unfair as that may be, this clergyman’s freedom of expression doesn’t seem to be appreciated in his Alexandrian neighborhood.

After a tabloid broke the story about the play, Muslims from a nearby mosque broke into the church, assaulted the priest and people in attendance and put the Church under siege. The Christians in the area fled after rampant terror on the streets, Sandmonkey is reporting, in additon to this: The local mosque fueled the fire; a leader used loudspeakers to urge more attacks on the Christians. So what is behind this? The very same Muslim leader almost lost in local elections against a Christian candidate from the same circuit.

So this is a new campaign tactic for the upcoming elections a’la the Muslim Brotherhood. Are we sure we want them back in our political living room? I'm sure we can find a few good reasons to have them banned forever.

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