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Friday, October 14, 2005

Forget the DishWasher - the DishMaker is here

Kitchentopia realized: instead of having to wash your dirty plates and cups you just put them back in the machine that made them for you - and get a new set made of the old ones. It is the MIT - of course - that has designed the DishMaker, the size of a regular dishwasher. It makes cups, bowls and plates out of acrylic wafers by ways of heating and pressing. And you don't need your own nuclear reactor to run it either - it uses a heating element of a toaster.

Pros: It holds 150 acrylic wafers so if your extended family are surprising you in time for dinner, you won't run out of dishes. Chefs can produce plates on demand.
Cons: Although the material is sterilized, it doesn't (yet) get rid of food grease that tend to settle in the plastic. (Yuck!)

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