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Friday, October 14, 2005

Ruling Party Kicks One Third of its MP's

Egypt's National Democratic Party,NDP, that somehow manages to dominate the parliament after each and every election, has decided it is time to get rid of some of it's bench-warmers and will replace a third of its existing MP's before next month's elections. That is, 130 of its 388 members in the 444 seat parliament is not standing for re-election.

Finally a feature of our political system that we ought to export to other countries; say, Britain and France to begin with. Let them go!

In other pre-election news: the largest opposition force, the Muslim Brotherhood - banned from forming a political party - is urging its memembers to vote. This time they say, it will be a change. Also, the presidential contender Ayman Nour is having hard times in court; his request to get the judge changed was denied.

Brian Whitaker says what should be said about the current political situation in his 'The case for the opposition' from Tuesday's the Guardian.

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