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Friday, October 21, 2005

St. Girgis Church Attacked Again

Police had to disperse nearly 5,000 Muslims who attacked St. Girgis Church in Alexandria and injured passersby. Teargas and batons were used by the police. Like last Friday, the attack took place after Friday prayers when the faithful proceeded from the Mosque to the Church. Earlier this week, a young man ran into the Church and stabbed a nun and a man while calling out "Allah Akhbar."

"A police force tried to prevent the protesters from approaching the church and attacking it, but they did not heed police warnings and stoned the church, the force and passersby, which resulted in injuries," the ministry of interior said.

The Muslim protesters are upset about a play that allegedly was performed in the Mosque last week. The play is two years old and has since long been condemned by Church authorities. The first protest took place after a Tabloid paper published a story about DVD recordings of the play.

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