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Thursday, November 03, 2005

Coptic Church Launch Love TV

Egypt’s Christian Coptic Minority is to launch its own satellite TV channel this month. Aghapy TV – which means love in the Coptic language, is guided by Pope Shenuda III himself.

The channel will be run out of a convent northeast of Cairo, according to its executive father, Bishoy Al-Antony.

It will not show the controversial play that caused thousands of Muslims to attack a church in Alexandria recently. But Father Antony says the channel will strictly focus on issues related to the Coptic Church.

The promotional poster features a Biblical quotation and a glowing Jesus next to a Coptic cross. It promises viewers a bonanza of hymns, holy liturgies and documentaries on ancient monasteries.

Although Egypt’s Coptic minority constitutes some ten percent of the population, the Church’s presence on national TV is restricted to only a few live broadcasts per year. The Pope was recently criticized for engaging in political affairs when he instructed all Copts to vote for the incumbent president Mubarak. Link.

On a related note:
A Christian Church will be built in the Persian Gulf state of Qatar.
The Christian Science Monitor is running a story on Anti-Terror Ramadan Soaps.
The Anchoress is writing about attempts to introduce a religion-neutral calendar. Read the whole post. I’ve noted how some organizations have replaced with BC/AD with (eh... can’t even remember) but without changing the calendar’s starting date. I think that is very superficial. What’s the point of pretending we’re not counting the days since the birth of Jesus if that is what we’re doing, just with a different name?

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