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Thursday, October 27, 2005

Coptic Christians Fear Ethnic Cleansing

“Extremist Muslim groups are planning to surround the Alexandria churches again on Friday, Oct.28, and at the end of Ramadan on the following Tuesday, promising the death of Christians and the continued destruction of churches throughout Egypt."

The warning is issued by the International Christian Union (ICU) and American Coptic Association (ACA). They are calling on the U.S. Government and the United Nations to take immediate action to stop the bloodshed and destruction of churches.

Dr. Monir Dawoud, president of the ICU/ACA, faults the security forces for encouraging violence by first "giving the green light to the mob," and then failing to control the resulting riots. "If the momentum of the riots is allowed to continue, the crowds will be impossible to contain," Dawoud said.

Kill the Pope

It is also reported that the newspaper El Fagr has published threats made by Muslim radicals against the Coptic Pope Shenouda III. According to this report, Muslim radicals publicly announced their threats through mosques in the outskirts of the city of Alexandria and were calling for the death of the Pope in revenge for an alleged insult to Islam's prophet.

A website called “My Christian Blood” that the ICU/ACA are referring to says El-Fagr has confirmed that Islamic fanatics have released a fatwa that killing Pope Shenouda is Halal - "ok by religion". It says “the fanatic extremist newspaper claimed that they are going to have a massacre for all Christians, priests, and pastors. They started putting signs and marks on some Christians, priests, and pastor's houses.” The web site then cries out for help ‘before another Rwanda ethnic cleansing happens.”

The banner displays pictures with the caption “1 Nun, 8 Churches, 100’s of Property is attacked by 1,000’s of Muslims.” “Exclusive videos” claim to show destroyed churches and burned Bibles.

Question: is this heated language going to improve the situation? Did not Pope Shenouda call for reason just a few days ago?

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