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Thursday, September 01, 2005

Blame Bush!

Blame Bush for Uganda's condom shortage
I, for one, will not sit idly by while Bush recklessly destroys another peaceful nation in the name of his extremist religion. I encourage all my readers to send their new or slightly worn condoms to the United Nations, so that they may be distributed equitably among the suffering people of Uganda in a variety of sizes and, if possible, ribbed for her pleasure.

Blame Bush for Katrina
It all made perfect sense to me. The deadliest in a long line of Bush hurricanes, Katrina was practically a metaphor for Bush's illegal and immoral War in Iraq. It attacked from the south with unbelievable shock and awe, brutally murdered millions of helpless innocents but spared the oil wells, then veered severely off course and petered out somewhere in Ohio. It was as if Katrina had followed a script plucked straight from the devious mind of Karl Rove himself.

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