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Sunday, October 16, 2005

Egypt Brought Russian Security to Gaza

One more Yom Kippur surprise for the Israeli’s: the Rafah border crossing to Gaza was opened on Oct. 13 to let in 15 Russian intelligence officers – a.k.a. military advisers – who will train Palestinian security forces.

Israpundit/Debkafile says this first Russian military presence in a Palestinian war zone represents a “flagrant Egyptian violation of its commitments under the new military protocols it signed with Israel to bar the Philadelphi border crossing to foreign military personnel.”

The report says Israel was floored by the news. Jerusalem had not been notified.  Egypt’s involvement is not doubted: “The Russian officers were flown in directly from Moscow to Cairo and then overland to the Egyptian side of Rafah where they were welcomed by Egyptian military intelligence officers.”

Russia has announced it will donate 55 armoured vehicles to the Palestinian police but Israel has so far opposed the move. Putin has also promised the PA 1,000 armoured personnel carriers. Russia will sell surface missiles with a believed range of 300 km, placing all of Israel in its range of the missile’s 480 kg warhead.

Israel TV reported Saturday that Egypt warned Israel that the Palestinians had smuggled longer-range Qassam rockets during the previous security hiatus on the border. Channel One noted that sharing this information was indicative of Egyptian cooperation.

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