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Friday, January 26, 2007

Meet Fulla, My Arab Barbie Doll

She is not my doll yet but I hope to get one soon. Unlike authorities in Tunisia who are confisticating the doll from stores. A full witch hunt, reports Global Voices. They also have news about imprisoned blogger Kareem´s day in court, via Wa7da Masrya.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Comments are Off ... No, Wait, Back On

Update 24 Jan: Back on, quiet mode was boring :)
Apologize for any inconveniance.

Comments are turned Off at this site at the moment. Sorry, I should have mentioned it in my last post. It´s only to stave off spam and although it is not a good solution, it is the one on the table at the moment. By all means, send me an e-mail as usual (missmabrouk / gmail).

ta ta

Monday, January 15, 2007


It takes hours to get a good blog going and although I´m pleased what this blog has been in the past, it is obvious that I don´t take the time to work on it as much as needed to make it a stop for frequent flyers in the blogosphere. Who knows, maybe soon enough I´ll find an urge to put in hour after hour of work every day. Thus, I refuse to declare my blogspace officially dead. I may be getting older, but I am not quite finished yet :) So, I hope you all have found new favorite spots on the Internet and that you too cherish all the good times that were and one day will come again, somewhere, somehow. And to all the fellow bloggers in Egypt who are facing a rough time now again - we do pray for you, more than you can now.


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