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Thursday, March 31, 2005


Things are perhaps not looking too bad: the ruling party has expressed its support for the president; they want him to run for a fifth term in the country’s first presidential election! Of course! How could they not! We all support His Excellency, we wouldn’t want you or Honsey (or any of your friends for that matter) think anything else! I have an idea: Why not arrange a Texas-style nomination convention with flags and balloons. TV would come – en masse, since the state television now has more than 20 channels! Call me! Love. XXX.


Suzi my Suzi!
I should have warned you earlier in the day but my regular Thursday sleep-in makes the weekends less exhausting: Don’t read the news today!

Imagine, the security chief himself was forced to leave his office yesterday to tell the insurgents to back off! Enough of disturbances, I say, to these “Kifaya” who are claiming the streets every Wednesday. How absurd!

I escaped the mobs by pure chance! My MB got stuck in traffic jams as it left the Intercontinental. My driver were returning from the dry-cleaner (pricey perhaps but they handle certain stains like no one else). I could have been trapped in my car, surrounded by angry crowds!

I guess even better people in Cairo have to endure this weekly mutinying for the time being. But what is going on in Alexandria? And in Mansoura of all places! Do they even have 2,000 students to rally?

Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Mother's Love

Suzi love,
if it is true no one can blame you for trying. I’m writing about this quote from an article in the WP some time ago: “Nour's associates say he also had told them that he thought Mubarak's wife, Suzanne, was pressing her husband to arrange for their son Gamal to succeed him.” [My italics]. Little beautiful Gamal… did I ever tell you I was the object of his first crush? It wouldn’t be appropriate to tell you more about this affair. Nour, however, did he really say that? Put him back in jail!


Suzi my Suzi,
Bless you for bringing an air of decency to His Excellency’s court in times when we are hearing things we rather did not want to hear. No blame on your sweet shoulders my darling but if one million Egyptian men are employed by state security, it means I’ve been entertaining… eh, one or two secret agents too many in my life. (What precisely did they report about my negligee?) Scandalous news about how journalists are handled. Then again, their cameras never treated me with respect.

Challenger I

Dear Suzi,
my concerns about your future increased drastically this morning when I learned who is challenging your husband’s throne. Look at her hair! And she’s supposed to have spent ages abroad, within arms length of the world’s best hair-dressers? I can not bother to disagree with Doktora El Saadawi, nor do I find modern political affairs particularly entertaining. But will you accept just anybody's claims of aptitude for the presidential office in the future? That’s sooo French! See what kind of head of state they have to put up with.

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Dear Oh! Dear

Where will this end? I barely dare reading the papers anymore, people have begun speaking in a way they never spoke before. Doesn’t newspaper men appreciate anything these days? Can’t they see you have done all? Time to remind the world Suz, there's a powerful woman behind every succesful man!

Death of a Royal

Farewell to our hero on the screen with excessive pretence to his last moment above ground. Lung-cancer took Ahmed Zaki. Did you know Suzi, he was only 55? A chicken when he met me. A fine feathered cock I would have said then -- I tell you now as the whole world will soon to find out anyway; biographers will not be able to resist indulging in the importance of my courtesy in his formative years. The poor darling - I’m sure you will miss him too. He played Nasser and Sadat, I never thought he would be gone before he got a chance to impersonate your Honsey too. He would have done it with grace. After all, I hear they’re using the same brand of hair-dye.

Monday, March 28, 2005


Done! Setup Completed In Minutes. Bless You Blogger! Now, where's that thesearus...