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Friday, September 02, 2005

Womens' Appearance do Matter

Weekly Eye, Part II

WOMEN MATTER: Don’t forget there is a woman behind every successful man: In “Would be First Ladies” the Weekly says it seeks out the hopes and fears of the candidates wives. No, they’re not really getting under someone’s skin; it’s just polite conversation with all-too-predictable answers. “Since I am not into politics I focus on providing the right atmosphere in the home for him,” and “He’s been with the party since he was twelve, of course he will win.” – That kind of stuff.

KEEPING UP APPEARANCES: Most amazingly the prospective first wives speak as if they actually were would-be first ladies and not just puppies in this pantomime. The real stuff: The Lady that really matters, Mrs. Suzanne Mubarak, is featured in a piece about a multi-million dollar project to enhance a neighborhood in Zeinhoom – way to go, Suzi!

RELIGIOUS PROPAGANDA WATCH: “Al-Azhar continues to assert that Islam rejects terrorism. But who's really listening?” the Weekly is asking in “A government mouthpiece.” Since (despite the question) the most important Sunni Muslim seat of learning is not scrutinized; the question is left without answer.

MOST INTERESTING:An Unlikely Homeland” about Egyptian expats in Nazareth. “Guardian of Sound” about Iraqi composer Naseer Shamma.

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